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Stairway to Heaven

.. even if the sky is falling down.

stairway to heaven;

Hello there, stranger. 私の名前はビニです. A dreamer. My head is always in the clouds. I love writing. Millions of ideas, rarely ever finished. I'm shy but actually very friendly so feel free to talk to me. I will add back only people I know or have talked to.

I'm an ELF and vita민. I write mainly about Super Junior but I'd like to try with SHINee or DBSK too. I'm not a native speaker but I'm trying my best. Sad stories are my eternal weakness. Overwhelming with emotions - that's my type of fiction.

The person I own the most is ukekyu. She's amazing person and a really good friend. She's also my beta-reader. It's because of her I have not given up on writing yet. Thank you, bb ♥

- ビニ
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