ビニ☆ (sourremon) wrote,

89. Daydream

Title: Daydream
Author: sourremon  
Rating: PG-13
Paring: KyuMin 
Genre: Romance, Slight!Angst 
Summary: Sungmin can't go out because of his sickness and Kyuhyun becomes his eyes for the world outside his room.


The door opened slightly, enough for the curious face to peep from behind it. The tall, thin boy examined the room, eyes sparkling and flickering with interest. His mother worked as a nurse in the enormous house, taking care of the master’s delicate, sickly child. He and his wife, a pair of extremely wealthy people, were almost never home, always traveling around the globe, doing some god-knows-what business, leaving their only child to the care of nurses and maids.

Kyuhyun often accompanied his mother to her working place and walked around the house, curiosity burning in his chest. He wasn’t a rich parents’ child nor did he have any friends in kindergarten to visit their homes. He was way too mature for the young age of five. He preferred books than toys. He preferred reading, writing and drawing than going out or playing games with other children and that bound him to loneliness.

The room he has just gone into was one of the biggest and prettiest he has seen so far. Big space between four lightly colored walls; white, delicate furnishing and long peach-colored curtains, which could barely block the early sunlight.

“Who are you?”

Kyuhyun almost jumped on his place, the voice scared him. The least he expected was the room to be inhabited. He was used to seeing the house completely empty.

“I’m Kyuhyun,” he answered briefly then stepped forward towards the tiny boy, sitting on the bed, covered with tons of thick blankets and covers. His face looked friendly with its delicate, almost feminine features; cheeks pink and puffy, lips curvy, raven-black hair almost covering his dark eyes. Kyuhyun recognized him from the portraits hanging in the hallways – he was the son of the master of the house. The boy his mother was taking care of.

“I’m Sungmin,” the boy answered and his lips stretched in a big smile, which lightened his pale face. It was Sungmin’s first time meeting someone who was his age so that excited him greatly. Because of being constantly in a bad health, he wasn’t even allowed to go out or attend kindergarten or school.

Kyuhyun smiled back and jumped on the bed energetically, thrilled by the interesting boy. It was the first time he wished for someone to become his friend.

“Hey Sungmin, can you be my friend?” he asked, a smile stuck on his face.

Sungmin gleamed with joy.
This day, he found his first true friend.

Kyuhyun jumped on the bed, the mattress sinking deep into the wooden frame. 15 years later, he was now way too heavy for the bed to handle. 15 years later, their relationship had grown into something that was just between friends and something-more-than-friends; they were simply inseparable.

Ever since the day they first met, Kyuhyun has sneaked into Sungmin’s room, telling him all about the world outside – the playground, the park, the school, the library, the trees and the birds. 15 years later and now Kyuhyun was second year in Photography major in one of the most prestigious universities in Seoul, snatching the scholarship from over 1,500 candidates.

Each of his photos told a story; every single one of them held a piece of his heart and his heart belonged to no one else but Sungmin who waited for every photo with anticipation, waiting for yet another story which it could tell.

Kyuhyun took out a small package and handed it to Sungmin. The smaller boys squeaked happily, fingers trembling over the envelope’s edge. He found there four photos, smooth colors melting together in nice spring landscapes.

“The trees are already blossoming!” Sungmin exclaimed, eyes shifting between Kyuhyun and the photos, “It’s beautiful,” he whispered, eyes shining with glee.

“Not as beautiful as you,” Kyuhyun whispered back, looking lovingly at Sungmin, hand stretching to caress the smooth skin on his cheek.

Sungmin blushed furiously, cheeks turning bright red.

“I wish I could show them to you” Kyuhyun’s face turned sad, his mind struggling with the thought that maybe, just maybe, Sungmin would leave him one day. One day, when it’s going to be all too soon for that, when Kyuhyun would need this happy face to smile for him, when he would need Sungmin to encourage him when he graduates, to talk to him when he wants to share, to hug him when he feels down, to sleep next to him when he doesn’t want to be alone. They were friends-but-not-really for too long; they were always there, on the edge, but never falling, they loved each other, but never made love, they were stepping on the border, they were pushing the limit but they never passed through them. Kyuhyun was forcing himself into denial, trying hard to go out more, to meet more people, to get used to live without Sungmin but in the end, all he did was visit him more often, take more photos for Sungmin, look at him more, stay overnight, sleep in the same bed and cuddle all night long. His grip around Sungmin was getting tighter with every day that passed. Without him realizing, he was getting more and more scared of loosing him. He was watching the man as he got thinner, paler; his voice lower, fists weaker when they fought on the bed like usual – Sungmin struggling to get the new photos and Kyuhyun just being the usual tease he was.

“Let’s go then!” Sungmin bit his lower lip, palm pressing harder on Kyuhyun’s. Their eyes met and no more words were needed. Kyuhyun took Sungmin in his arms, using his body to support him because it was almost impossible for him to walk on his own. The house’s garden was as far as they went before Sungmin could barely breathe, chest falling and rising, desperately struggling to inhale. Kyuhyun glanced at him worriedly but Sungmin seemed so happy he couldn’t bring himself to take him back into the building. His eyes were shining with pure happiness, fingers trembling with excitement. He stretched his hand, fingertips brushing over small pink flowers, a rain of petals following soon after.

“Min, calm down,” Kyuhyun said worriedly, head leaning on Sungmin’s shoulder, breath tickling the smooth skin on his neck. His nose touched the skin between the neck and the ear and he inhaled Sungmin’s sweet musk scent.

Sungmin nodded lightly, hand tightening around Kyuhyun’s waist. He took a deep, slow breath and his breathing became calmer.

Sun glowed on Sungmin’s pale white face, skin shining under the sunlight, pink flowers covering the whole sky, birds singing happily around the trees. Kyuhyun’s heartbeat became erratic; he could feel diversity of positive emotions rising in his chest, making him feel all warm inside. It was like a beautiful daydream.

Kyuhyun let go of Sungmin for a while and took out his camera. He had to capture this moment because, he could swear, the sight was perfection.. Sungmin was perfection. But how could a person capture perfection and keep it for himself?

Well, he could at least try.

“How do you feel?” Kyuhyun asked and quickly hid the envelope behind his back before Sungmin could snatch it away.

“I’m okay,” Sungmin lied and proceeded to trying to take the envelope from Kyuhyun’s hands.

Kyuhyun ignored his struggling and placed his hand on Sungmin’s forehead, feeling the burning skin.

“I’m going to call my mother, you’re burning!” he exclaimed with worry all over his face.

“Don’t!” Sungmin shouted which startled Kyuhyun. 
This was the first time Sungmin has ever shouted at him.

“Kyu, I’m tired of this,” he began slowly, his voice low again, “My temperature rises almost every night, you know that very well. I just.. can’t take any more medicine. I feel sick in my stomach even thinking of it. Kyuhyun, please.. please, let me have this moment with you without any drugs. I just.. want to be myself,” he begged, his eyes sad, hands fisting around the sheets.

“Okay,” Kyuhyun agreed and sat closer to Sungmin, their shoulders now touching lightly.

“Then let me see!” Sungmin’s mood suddenly changed completely, a smug smile appearing on his face, eyes gleaming again. He jumped on Kyuhyun playfully - both of them almost falling out of the bed – determined and focused on snatching away the envelope.

None of them knew how it happened, it just took the a second, a mess of hands, unspoken words and unleashed emotions and Sungmin was lying on top of Kyuhyun, chests touching, falling and rising in synch as if they shared the same breath. It took them another second and their lips melted together, Sungmin’s mouth opening slightly, welcoming Kyuhyun’s tongue. It was wet, hot and fast; it was a mess of emotions and unshared feelings. They were both a little too inexperienced and their teeth bumped, lips felt wet and swollen but they didn’t care. Sungmin just moaned and whimpered, hands pulling Kyuhyun closer until both of them couldn’t breathe anymore and were forced to pull apart. Their eyes met awkwardly, red blush spreading on both of their cheeks.

“Lee Sungmin, be with me forever,” Kyuhyun whispered all of a sudden, breath ghosting over Sungmin’s cheek.

“You know that I will leave you soon,” Sungmin answered lowly, a sad note in his voice.

“Don’t think of the future then!” Kyuhyun cried.

“But the future is forever, Kyu,” Sungmin caressed Kyuhyun’s hair fondly.

“We’ll make our own forever! Just don’t-,” he took a deep shaky breath, “Please don’t- You are my forever, okay? You live in my heart. That surely-,” he tried to swallow his tears away, “That surely means we’ll be together forever.”

“Promise me that when the time comes, you’ll move on. Without me,” Sungmin’s voice became serious all of a sudden.

“I won’t. I can’t!”

“Kyuhyun, you’re hurting me.” Sungmin voice was shaking, “Please..”

“No, Sungmin, listen to me,” Kyuhyun took his face in his hands and fondled the smooth skin, “I love you, I love you, I love you!”

“I love you too,” Sungmin whispered before his voice cracked under the pressure and tears rolled down his face.

“Let our daydream continue,” he kissed Sungmin’s forehead, “Forever,” then he moved down slowly and their lips fitted again in a perfect harmony.

Two years later, eight seasons changing one after another. A girl in a white coat, fluffy scarf around her neck, cheeks puffing, exhaling hot air into her fists. She opened the big door, a wide spaced room unveiling before her, nicely framed photos all over the walls.

She has just walked into the famous Seoul art gallery, interested in the current exhibition taking place there. She took out a catalogue out of her bag and flipped through the pages until her eyes stopped on one particular photo. Then she searched for the photo around the room and when she finally found it, a warm smile appeared on her face, admiration warming her heart.

“Excuse me, whose exhibition is that?” the girl asked a man in a suit with a name-badge on his shirt who was obviously looking after the gallery.

“It’s Cho Kyuhyun’s, miss. A very talented young artist,” the man answered briefly, a proud smile appearing on his face soon after.

“Is he here now?” she asked, interested.

“No. Unfortunately, he never attends his exhibitions,” the man shrugged.

“Oh,” she exclaimed disappointedly, “Then.. how much is that photo here?” she pointed at the photo she was searching for earlier in the catalogue, that particular photo that made her come and visit the gallery. The one that attracted everyone’s attention and beckoned them to take a look at Cho Kyuhyun’s work.

It was a photo of a young man with a smile, which was brighter than the sunshine. Pale, smooth skin, black hair, dark eyes, expression of full happiness and millions of cherry blossoms caught in a mere moment. It was like a dream captioned in a simple photo, it was like a magic kept in a bottle, forever treasured and preserver. So many emotions were coloring the man’s face that every person who saw the photo stopped and stared for a while. Cho Kyuhyun’s photo made people smile; it made them feel the happiness beaming from the man. It was a true masterpiece.

“This one is not for sale,” the man just shrugged again.

“But why?” she asked with disappointment written all over her face, “He can make a copy, you know,” she furrowed her eyebrows.

“He won’t sell it no matter what. He won’t make copies either,” said the man and pointed just below the photo where a white label with a short description was.

I want to capture your smile and cherish it forever.
I want to capture you so you will never leave me.
As long as I remember you, you’ll live in my heart.
True love never dies. It never fades away.

“Oh,” the girl murmured, tears swelling in her eyes, “I guess Mr. Cho really did love the person in the photo.”

The man just nodded lightly, “Undoubtedly, this is his best photo. I have never seen a photo so replete with emotions in my life. And I have been working here for eight years now.”

“It’s truly a masterpiece!”

Her fingertips brushed lightly over the photo’s title.

by Cho Kyuhyun

Their relationship was like a dream – a beautiful, colorful daydream, replete with emotions and colors. 
But every person had to wake up sooner or later.
Every dream had to come to an end.


A/N: The first one I'm posting from the 100 fics challenge.
I know, it's kind of angsty - a bad ending and so. But I really got inspired to write a sad story and this came out ;a;
Beta-ed by ukekyu.

Comments are always highly appreciated ♥
Tags: !100 fics challenge, !fanfiction, genre: angst, genre: au, genre: romance, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, rating: pg-13
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